Praia Sibaúma

Wild nature, no tourists… this is Praia (Beach) Sibaúma. Located just 3 degrees from the equator in the land of sand, cliffs, and sunshine, this place suggests relaxation and slow pace. Praia Sibaúma is located just 40 miles (60km) away from Natal, the city surrounded by glorious sand dunes. You can ski or toboggan down them, rope-slide from the top of them, camel ride across them, and buggy ride over, up, down, and all around them. The coast between Praia Sibaúma and Natal is dotted with fishing villages and only lightly touched by tourism. The preferred method of transport here is by dune buggy. The coast north and south from Natal is hemmed with shallow coral reefs that make for perfect snorkeling. Nowhere they are more impressive than in Maracajau, about 1 hour north of Natal. At low tide the honeycomb of reefs forms natural pools rich in tropical fish and other marine life. The water is crystal clear and warm.

Just 10 miles away from Praia  Sibaúma lays Praia da Pipa, one of the most picturesque beaches in all Brazil’s Northeast. The village of Pipa is known for excellent seafood restaurants lining its cobblestone streets. The cliff-top drive from Pipa to Praia do Cunhau is spectacular.

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Kilombo Villas

Praia Sibaúma

Situated on the remote beach of Sibaúma in northeastern Brazil and close to a protected natural park frequented by dolphins and sea turtles, the five award–winning Kilombo Villas feature distinctive minimalist luxury style and spectacular views of the ocean, coupled with an exclusive and intimate ambience. All five villas are served by their own butlers. For fans of minimalistic design the 2690 sq feet (250m) Zumbi Villa is a dream come true. Offering a rooftop glass bottomed plunge pool, solarium with Jacuzzi, minigolf, multi-location sound system, and breathtaking views of sunrise…

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