Porto de Galinhas

Everything in Nordeste (Northeast) of Brazil is different: the food richer, the cities more historic, the beaches longer and whiter, the music more vibrant. This was the first part of Brazil to be settled, the area where sugar cane and slavery dominated economy and society for over three centuries. For visitors, the Northeast offers a year-round tropical climate with long, white sandy beaches, historic cities, and a vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, which is reflected in the cuisine, the festivals, and, especially, the music and dance.

Porto de Galinhas is one of the nicest beach destinations in all the Northeast. Known for its crystal-clear water, its lovely beaches, and the tidal pools that form in the nearby reefs, the region is a perfect water playground for adults and children. Development has been kept resolutely small-scale. With no high-rises, the town is mostly small pousadas and low-rise hotels. The town has perhaps six streets: enough for a dozen restaurants, a bank, some surf shops, and some beachside bars. Colorful jangadas (one-sail fishing rafts) come and go all day, and the beachside restaurants and cafes are packed with people soaking up rays.

Porto de Galinhas enjoys a tropical climate with sunshine year-round. Rain showers arrive in May and last till August. Seawater maintains a steady temperature of about 79 °F (26 °Celsius), much to the delight of tourists.

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Exquisite Tropical Beach

Porto de Galinhas, Fernando de Noronha

You work hard. What better way to unwind and rediscover your passion for life than a tropical escape? The unspoiled paradise with palm-fringed beaches and superb snorkeling and diving, Porto de Galinhas and archipelago Fernando de Noronha have it all. Explore natural swimming pools, ride around the tropical mangroves, or get up close and personal with the ocean’s most majestic creature as you observe playing dolphins…

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