Midway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, set amidst blue ocean and steep, jagged, green mountains, Paraty is one of the most charismatic colonial towns you’ll ever encounter. Paraty first emerged as a tiny port town in the early 1700s as a consequence of the gold boom in neighboring Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. An ancient Guaianá Indian trail was widened into a route used to transport extravagant quantities of gold through the Serra do Mar mountains and down to Paraty, from where it was shipped to Portugal.

Over the next century, Paraty grew into a charming historical town, its cobblestoned streets filled up with single-story whitewashed mansions with colorfully painted windows and doors, and lovely churches.

In 1966 its the historic colonial center of was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In subsequent years, the town blossomed into a cosmopolitan place. Artists and entrepreneurs from around the globe transformed its 18th- and 19th-century houses into private homes and ateliers, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and hotels, which in turn lured a steady stream of weekenders from Rio and Sao Paulo, as well as international tourists. As a result, Paraty boasts a particularly vibrant cultural and gastronomic scene.

Urban charms aside, the surrounding region holds numerous natural attractions. Close by are dozens of gorgeously primitive beaches and deserted islands as well as the majestic Serra do Mar mountain range, its unspoiled tropical forest punctuated with refreshing waterfalls and excellent trails.

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Enchanting Isles and Beyond

Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Paraty

Discover Rio de Janeiro, the city that will capture your heart in a matter of seconds! “Heaven on earth” is what travelers say about your next destination, the pristine tropical island of Ilha Grande offering stunning vistas, hidden bays, and hills. Your journey then continues to the historical village of Paraty, where you will enjoy fascinating culture and nature by day, and indulge in romantic and refined culinary experiences by night.

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