Ilha Grande

“Heaven on earth” is what travelers say about Ilha Grande, the pristine tropical island off Brazil’s southeastern coast, offering stunning vistas, hidden bays, and hills covered by the Atlantic Forest, one of the richest ecosystems in the world, and a hotspot for biodiversity and conservation. You will not find any cars or banks on Ilha Grande, but a 102 magnificent white, black, and golden sand beaches to choose from. Schooner trips, kayaking, amazing trail hiking, charming waterfalls, snorkeling and surfing is what this island is all about. The seas around the island feature a unique convergence of tropical, subtropical, and temperate-zone marine life, and may be the only waters in the world where it is possible to see corals and tropical fish along with Magellanic penguins and Southern right whales.

Though nearly all the beaches on Ilha Grande are beautiful, a few are simply spectacular. One of these is Lopes Mendes, facing the ocean on the eastern tip of the island. Considered the prettiest beach in the island, this long stretch of fine soft sand is unspoiled by any development, and features crystal clear water and excellent surf waves. Though not strictly a beach, Lagoa Azul, or the Blue Lagoon, is a delightful area of shallows and small islands near the northern tip of the island. Its calm waters and extreme visibility make it a great place to snorkel.

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Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Paraty

Discover Rio de Janeiro, the city that will capture your heart in a matter of seconds! “Heaven on earth” is what travelers say about your next destination, the pristine tropical island of Ilha Grande offering stunning vistas, hidden bays, and hills. Your journey then continues to the historical village of Paraty, where you will enjoy fascinating culture and nature by day, and indulge in romantic and refined culinary experiences by night.

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