Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a tropical archipelago of 21 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, three degrees south of the equator, 220 mi (354 km) offshore from the Brazilian coast. Any of its isles may be the desert island upon which people dream of being marooned. On Noronha, verdant mountains descend to sheer cliffs, which in turn fall onto pristine sandy beaches that have known neither condo nor cabana. Beneath the waves live corals and colorful fish, manta rays, and lemon sharks. Sea turtles lay eggs by the thousands on the beaches. And then there are the spinner dolphins. Early in the morning, in a bay named, appropriately, Baía dos Golfinhos (Bay of Dolphins), spinner dolphins gather in pods of more than 1,000 to frolic and spin in the morning sunshine. Come afternoon, they set off on a daily circuit around the main island.

Fernando de Noronha is Brazil’s first National marine park, the best dive spot in Brazil, and one of the better ones in the world. Due to the South Equatorial Current that pushes warm water from Africa to the islands, diving to depths of 100-130 feet does not require a wetsuit. The visibility underwater can reach up to 160 feet. It’s also known as a surfing hot spot. Visitors can rent dune buggies and explore the island’s gorgeous beaches. Brazilian authorities strictly regulate the number of tourists visiting the archipelago, allowing only 500 visitors per day.

The climate is tropical, with warm air and seawater temperatures year-round, and two well-defined seasons. The rainy season lasts from March to August, with sunshine punctuated by torrential downpours; the rest of the year sees little or no rain.

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Exquisite Tropical Beach

Porto de Galinhas, Fernando de Noronha

You work hard. What better way to unwind and rediscover your passion for life than a tropical escape? The unspoiled paradise with palm-fringed beaches and superb snorkeling and diving, Porto de Galinhas and archipelago Fernando de Noronha have it all. Explore natural swimming pools, ride around the tropical mangroves, or get up close and personal with the ocean’s most majestic creature as you observe playing dolphins…

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