Exquisite Tropical Beach 9 Days

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You work hard. What better way to unwind and rediscover your passion for life than a tropical escape? The unspoiled paradise with palm-fringed beaches and superb snorkeling and diving, Porto de Galinhas and archipelago Fernando de Noronha have it all. Explore natural swimming pools, ride around the tropical mangroves, or get up close and personal with the ocean’s most majestic creature as you observe playing dolphins. This well deserved and luxurious retreat offers excellent local culinary experiences that will delight the senses, including the freshest seafood and exotic Brazilian cocktails. The only packing you will need to do for this trip is a swimsuit and sandals. Leave your watch at home  – you are on beach time now!

Charming Destinations does not have fixed departure dates, and any of our suggested private luxury trips to Brazil can be easily customized for you. Please call our Destination Specialist at +1 (415) 871-0531 or e-mail us at info@charmingdestinations.com. If you are outside of the US, please dial our office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at +55 (21) 99595-6057.

Day 1: Recife/Porto de Galinhas

Today you arrive in Recife, the capital of the tropical Brazilian state of Pernambuco. American Airlines operates non-stop flights from Miami, which makes it a quick and convenient connection from the US. Your private driver will meet you and drive to Nannai Beach Resort, the stunning world-class hotel standing on 2 ½ miles of beautiful preserved coastline. The resort is located just minutes away from a fishing village Porto de Galinhas, voted as “Brazilian Beach #1” by Guia Quatro Rodas, the most respected travel guide book in Brazil.

Once in Nannai, jump into your swimming suit, and start your Exquisite Beach experience!

Your Premium Bungalow offers space, tranquility and privacy by the beach. Your private balcony looks over the sea, and tropical gardens surround your new secluded cove of romance and relaxation.

Spend the day at the beach just in front of Nannai. It’s perfect for swimming and features an extensive tidal pool formed by reefs. Dine at Nannai’s wonderful restaurant, offering international and Brazilian cuisine, seasoned by Brazilian spices and using various local exotic fruits. Have you ever tried a beef roasted in passion fruit sauce? It’s absolutely delicious!

Day 2: Porto de Galinhas

After a sumptuous, exotic breakfast, the day is yours. Explore the area with your private guide!* Take a plunge in the crystal clear waters of naturally formed pools. Take a buggy, and visit breathtaking beaches that look perfect for postcard moments. You can take a jangada (a colorful sailing raft) across the channel to the reef, where the tide leaves thousands of colorful tropical fish trapped until the next tide sets them free again. In the River Maracaípe estuary, visit mangroves and tropical plants nearly too beautiful to describe. At low tide, take the once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe seahorses in their natural habitat. Your guide will catch these cute tiny miracles of nature for you to observe before he returns them to the water. Then it’s back to the resort for another wonderful dinner.

Meals included: Breakfast

*Note: All tours during your stay in the Nannai Beach Resort and on Fernando de Noronha island are optional and not included in the pricing. Depending on your taste you might decide to take different tours, or spend your days leisurely, in a state of pure relaxation. Please inquire with our Destination Specialist at a time of booking.

Day 3 – Porto de Galinhas

Spend the morning enjoying your private, magical space on the Nannai Resort. Swim in your private pool, take a walk on the grounds, or just relax in your lovely bungalow.  After the freshest of Brazillian lunches (and perhaps an early afternoon cocktail) the tropical fishing village Porto de Galinhas is yours to discover. Located just 10 minutes away by beach buggy, Porto de Galinhas is a lovely place with no high-rises and just six streets, and excellent choice of wonderful restaurants offering the best quality Brazilian and local cuisine. The origin of the name is well known. Porto de Galinhas means “Port of Chickens” in Portuguese. In the second half of the 19th century, the Brazilian government imposed restrictions to the commerce of slaves, which were widely used as manpower in the sugarcane farms around Recife (read about History of Recife and Pernambuco). To circumvent the prohibition, the ships which transported slaves from Africa to Brazil looked for other places to harbor, far from Recife. One such place was in the bays around Suape and Ipojuca, about 37 miles (60 km) to the South of Recife. When a ship arrived in town, as it was prohibited to mention slavery, the word spread as “there are new chickens in the port”; hence, the place gained its name Porto de Galinhas. In 2006, the readers of Viagem e Turismo (Voyage and Tourism), one of the most important travel magazines published in Brazil, elected Porto de Galinhas as the best beach in Brazil!

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 4 – Porto de Galinhas

After breakfast, your private guide and driver will take you on a full day tour of Recife and Olinda (optional). Enjoy a panoramic tour by Recife that includes the three islands (Recife, Santo Antonio and Boa Vista), the Bridge Maurice of Nassau, and the Republic Square. Here, the Government Palace, the Theater of Santa Isabel and the Palace of Justice stand. Splendid Olinda was the original state capital until in 1630 the Dutch invaded Brazil and conquered Pernambuco. The conquerors preferred to settle at the harbor and, to punish the Olinda citizens resistance, they set fire on the city.

Portuguese rule replaced that of the Dutch in Pernambuco in 1654, and Olinda recovered, becoming in early 18th century a capital of the Captaincy and the residence of the rich aristocratic plantation owners. Later on Olinda turned into an artist colony with outstanding colonial houses and fabulous Baroque churches such as the Church of Graça, with the former Jesuit College, the Convent do Carmo and the Episcopal Palace. You will see the famous grounds in the historic center where the Carnival of Olinda takes places every year. The Giant Puppets made in papier-maché can reach up to 15 feet (5 m) and they are carried by partiers on the carnival parade along the streets. The most famous puppet is the Homem da Meia-Noite, “ The Midnight Man” who, since 1932, officially starts the carnival in Olinda at midnight of the Saturday.  The city has been given World Heritage Cultural Site status by UNESCO, as well as being declared a National Monument by the Brazilian government. Explore the lovely artisan studios and take a moment to relax in one the charming sidewalk cafes before heading back to the Nannai Resort.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 5: Porto de Galinhas / Fernando de Noronha

After a mouthwatering fresh tropical breakfast, your private chauffeur will drive you to the Recife Airport for a short hop to the island of Fernando de Noronha. Fernando de Noronha is the island people dream of – perfect, uninhabited beaches, dramatic cliffs, live corals, an incredible array of fish and manta rays in the crystal clear water. You might see a sea turtle – they lay eggs by the thousands on the Atlantic-facing beaches, and in the early morning, head to the perfectly named Baía dos Golfinhos (Bay of Dolphins), where spinner dolphins gather in pods of more than 1,000 to cavort and play in the morning sunshine. Every afternoon they race and frolic all the way around the main island. Noronha is truly a tropical paradise, with a fascinating island ecosystem. Once on the island, your private driver will greet and take you to a gorgeous retreat aptly titled Pousada Maravilha , “The Marvelous place” Hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 6 – 8: Fernando de Noronha

After a tropical breakfast, head out and explore the island! Noronha was Brazil’s first national marine park. Only 500 tourists per day are allowed to visit the island, and each visitor pays a daily tax that supports environmental preservation to keep the island beautiful and pristine. Because the island is a protected area, there is strict vigilance by IBAMA, the Brazilian agency for environment protection.

Noronha is brimming with things to do.  If you’re looking for dive spots, look no further! The archipelago has been called the best diving spot in Brazil. It’s also where surfers gather to catch some perfect waves. Anyone can rent a dune buggy to explore the beaches, and find their own spot to surf, hike, snorkel, and boat!

We suggest you wait to book any tours until you arrive on the island and check the weather report and see conditions for the next few days. Here’s our list of suggested tours and activities that you can arrange at the hotel or with local scuba instructors.

Porcos Bay – This bay is a snorkeler’s delight from April to December, and a nice spot to catch waves from January to March.

Atalaia Beach – A transcendent place to snorkel. The reef in the area creates a natural swimming pool of perfectly clear water. The area is perfectly preserved and protected by Brazilian agency for environmental protection, so sunblock is not allowed.

Sueste Beach – The best spot to find the area’s native sea turtles.

Cacimba do Padre Beach – From January to March, this is surfer’s paradise. The Hang Loose Worldwide Surfing Contest is held right in these waves. It’s right next door to Porcos Bay, and it sports an amazing view of “Morro Dois Irmaos” or Two Brothers Peaks.

Fernando de Noronha Archipelago – THE premier place to scuba dive. Untouched and gorgeous on the surface, it appeals to divers and those who prefer to watch, although anyone can dive here. Dive difficulty ranges from the beginner to the most advanced. The best time to see this gem, if you’re a beginner, is the second half of the year, July to December. Advanced divers are welcome all year round.

Sancho Bay – Only accessible by boat or hike, this beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Brazil. Hike from Baia dos Porcos, or take a dune buggy from up the hill. The beach is secluded and tranquil, with calm, clear waters – a divine snorkeling experience.

Capim Acu Trail – This incredible hike is only available with the presence of a local guide. Hike a gorgeous stretch of 1.6 km (round trip), starting at Praia do Leão and ending at the steep slope of Capim-Açu Belvedere.

Boldro Beach – This rocky-bottomed beach is good for catching waves. There’s a bar nearby that offers shade, delicious lunch, and all sorts of local color.

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 9: Fernando de Noronha / Recife

Enjoy a peaceful reintroduction to the real world with a private transfer to Fernando de Noronha Airport, with your connection flight through Recife to your next destination or International flight home.

Meals included: Breakfast

If you’re looking to add even more adventure to any of our incredible packages, consider adding one of our Trip Extensions.

  • Four Star Superior/Deluxe
  • Superior/Deluxe option at Nannai Beach Resort
  • Pousada Teju-Acu
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  • Five Star Deluxe
  • Deluxe option at Nannai Beach Resort
  • Pousada Ze Maria
  • $2185
  • VIP Premier
  • Premier option at Nannai Beach Resort
  • Pousada Maravilha
  • $2472

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  • All breakfasts
  • Private transfers mentioned in the itinerary in air-conditioned vehicle
  • Pre-departure travel package, which includes detailed day-by-day itinerary, fine dining recommendations, suggested packing list, suggested reading list, information on recommended vaccination, contact information for hotels on your itinerary, and Charming Destinations’ 24-hour emergency contact line in Brazil

Additional fees and/or charges not included in the package:

International flights, domestic flights, airport taxes, Fernando de Noronha Environmental Tax, excess luggage charges, travel or medical insurance, vaccinations cost, passport and Brazilian visa fees, meals not mentioned in the itinerary, drinks, tips for drivers or guides, laundry, personal expenses.

Note: All tours during your stay in the Nannai Beach Resort and on Fernando de Noronha island are optional and not included in the pricing. Depending on your taste you might decide to take different tours, or spend your days leisurely, in a state of pure relaxation. Please inquire with our Destination Specialist at a time of booking.


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